A home away from home.

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Our community farmhouse was designed by Matthew Human and collaboratively built by Human and neighbors Bradley Scott Farmer, Luis ‘Angel’ Chaves, and his son Fernando Chaves with lots of help from lots of other friends and community members. The simple two story farmhouse was framed with locally hewn wood and built mostly by hand using basic hand tools. The walls are made of a natural mix of clay harvested from the land, lime, straw, and a small amount of cement to bind it. Upstairs there is a private bedroom and yoga deck, downstairs a functional kitchen, living room, and lots of outdoor space. The front and back porches act as our main living areas and chill zones with lots of hammocks to enjoy and relax in. A solar system powers our lights and tools, Wifi is accessible when absolutely necessary, but we generally aim to create a screen free environment and encourage live music around our fire pit, or back porch music jams.

2020 Retreat