A retreat from the fast lane.

Welcome to Finca Vida Verde.

Finca Vida Verde is a permaculture design-inspired farm an hour west of the capital in the Avocado Mountains of Costa Rica (Los Aguacates).

Vida Verde is 1/25’th of Collectivo Tacotal, an international consensus-based ecovillage on the majestic Rio Machuca. The farm is surrounded by old growth endemic medicinal trees like Guapinol, Mango, and Cocobolo. Capuchin “cada blanco” monkeys, toucans, mot-mot’s and other rare birds and animals are frequent visitors and come to enjoy the fruits of the land. Originally a dry highland primary forest the land has seen many incarnations from a simple homestead, to cattle land, then left 10 years fallow covered only with hardy tacotal. The farm now serves as an example of how land can be transformed and rebuilt in a more regenerative way. We believe in heavy mulching, and composting to create healthier soil and trees. We close the cycle of Earth>Food>Human>Earth through the use of our Humanure composting system. Our water is gravity-fed from the nearby Machucita Quebrada.

On our roughly two-acre farm, we grow a diverse variety of fruit trees such as: breadfruit, jakfruit, banana, platano, canastel, macadamia, pitanga, jocote, breadnut, guanabana, mandarin lime, coconut, and chocolate sapote, but we are most proud of our ground propagated pineapples! On our community commons, you can also graze on: avocado, mango, orange, mandarinas, chica sapote, mamey sapote, miracle fruit, durian (not fruiting yet, don’t ask), coffee and dozens of other incredible local and endemic plants and trees when in season.

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