World Manifesting

They say that Costa Rica is a place where thoughts very quickly are manifested into reality. Here, I’m told, is a vortex, a place where things manifest and grow very quickly. After our time in Costa Rica so far, I can see what is meant by this. The energy of this place is amazing, and its effect on us is palpable. Our world has changed drastically in a direction we wanted it to go, yet the experience itself is exhausting and sobering.

When living in a place where thoughts are manifested very quickly, it is very important to pay close attention to our thoughts, and focus on what we hope to see, not what we don’t want or don’t like. This is true anywhere, but it seems especially true here, for us and many of our friends here. An example of thoughts manifesting would be thinking about a thing you want to find, and lo and behold, after you focus on this thing for long enough, it will appear. This how all things occur – people think about things thoroughly enough and they happen. You can manifest a certain person into your life, or a job, or an experience. You can also manifest physical things like cars, tools, or food.

The question of what one manifested with one’s life does well to portray who we are and what we are really about. What did we think about the most, and therefore bring forth into the physical realm? We each help to create different components of our environment. Our time and our thoughts are what make reality what it is. Of course, there are other forces at play, and our ability to manifest physical things is shaped largely by our environment. The forces of nature and the planets and the stars have a lot to do with how the world is, at a macro-level. The tides turn, the seasons shift and the living things do what they do. The world that we experience, though, is made almost entirely by us. We have gone to great lengths to exempt ourselves from larger forces of nature, taking control of nearly all nature, using all biological species and systems as the “resource” base for our artificial economy. It is a tragic error, I feel, to operate this way. Part of what we are studying and practicing is a more mindful and considerate view of the larger environment in which we live, where we share biological energy with many other beings.

It is my hope that this website and blog will demonstrate the process of manifesting our thoughts, and manifesting good ones. We are envisioning a living paradise, bursting with food and flowers and fertility. We are focusing our thoughts on creating gardens, living spaces, practice spaces, pools and amazing, magical places to be.

We are in the right place. Finca Vida Verde is part of a larger community called Tacotal, where the members are building homesteads and community infrastructure for hosting events and retreats. We feel very aligned with the cause and the people, and we feel quite empowered to do what we love and have been training to do – put in gardens, set up food preservation systems, build playgrounds, and share our process and space with anyone who is interested in learning, or even helping.

We are working with people at Tacotal to organize some workshops and events, which they have done several times before. Tacotal is an excellent permaculture education center, and it has potential and momentum to be expanded into several different types of programs open to different types of visitors. We hope to attract a whole crew of people who want to practice different skills such as dance, yoga, martial arts, circus, permaculture, and parkour, all with a general theme of healthy food and healthy communication. We have bigger plans to create a wildly unique and dazzling act and tour cool parts of the world with it, but that’s a much longer term thing. We are committed to be here for the year, and with that time, we are going to get some food growing, and help out with the projects being undertaken by the larger community. We hope to use what energy and finances we have to quickly manifest a really nice practice and gathering space so that we can begin hosting groups and collaborators.

Things take time. We are eager and ambitious and blessed with huge amounts of energy, and things do manifest fast here, yet some things will only manifest if persistently worked at by capable thinkers and doers. We are going to need lots of help to manifest the space we all have been dreaming of, and we are calling on anyone who resonates with the vision to support us. Even if you can’t come down to visit or participate in workshops, you can help us to manifest this awesome space by following us, sharing some of our work with people, or contributing to fundraising efforts we are likely to launch. There is so much potential, and we are here to help channel it, as well as to put our hands and backs to it.

So this will be a very exciting journey! I look forward to sharing it with everyone, and I am sure you will be fascinated and delighted with all the cool things going on around here. We hope to see some of you!